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Product Description

You will find a lot of recipes to make your own Cannabis infused olive oil online. Still, the only problem with making this oil at home is an imperfect ratio and unknown potency of THC. If you are looking for something more balanced, you are in the right place. Our perfectly balanced and potent THC olive oil is well infused with your favourite Cannabis flower.

Why THC Olive Oil?

This bottle of THC olive oil contains 236 ml of pure Cannabis infused olive oil that can be used for several edibles. You can cook your whole dinner with this oil and enjoy your custom Cannabis edibles. You can use this oil for the dressing of your salad or seasoning some veggies. THC olive oil is also suitable for making your breakfast. Basically, with this oil, you can turn any regular food into THC edible and enjoy the ultimate high from it.

Effects of THC Olive Oil

Once the Cannabis flower has been ground and is carefully infused with the olive oil, it can be your dose of any type of THC edible. The effects are the same as many other edibles. The oil can be infused with Sativa dominant flower or indica dominant strain as per your desire. THC being the psychoactive element in Cannabis, has long lasting high when mixed with food. So you can remain buzzed for as long as you want with this 236 ml bottle of our premium THC olive oil.

Medical Uses of THC Olive Oil

  • THC infused olive oil is good for relieving anxiety or other stress disorders
  • THC oil reduces muscle pains and other body ailments.
  • It also helps to fall asleep and increases appetite.

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