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AK-47 (THC 16%)



Product Description

The Ak-47 strain is one of the world’s most awarded cannabis strains. Almost every weed consumer or grower knows about this fictitious breed of cannabis. The name AK-47 is derived from the legendary Kalashnikov rifle because the weed AK-47 strain’s strength can hit a young user out with the least amount of hits. Contrary to its violent name, the strain transmits a lovely feeling and can even leave one with a stuck on the couch kind of feeling. It also gives way to boosted creativity. For the most part, however, AK-47 will leave you feeling uplifted, relaxed, and euphoric. The strain can also cause stoners to feel distrustful and sometimes dizzy outside of dry mouth and eyes. Some users also undergo minor headaches.

AK-47 Effects:

AK-47 may deliver a steady and long-lasting cerebral hum that will keep you mentally active and connected in creative or social activities. Many people enjoy consuming it while listening to music.

Serious Seeds carries both regular and feminized AK-47 coupled with a potent, long-lasting “Indica” high. The effects of AK-47 weed can best be described as uplifting, offering a resolution to stress and anxiety that rarely prove to be overwhelming for the body or mind.

AK-47 Appearance, Aroma, and Flavors:

AK-47 is a Sativa-dominant cross with sharp white colouring. While its scent is sour and earthy, intense, fruity, and sweet, floral notes can only be fully realized in the taste. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, bringing together a complex blend of flavours and effects.

Medical Uses of AK-47

Patients suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders use this strain to help their mood and relax.

Many people use it to treat aches and chronic pain. The strain has also been used to ease nausea and vomiting and increase appetite. Those with insomnia may use AK-47 to treat it.

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