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Black Berry (THC 24 %)



Product Description

Originating from a Dutch company called Nirvana Seeds, it looks exactly like the fruit it is named after. It first hit the market in 2009, with exceptional results, and the cannabis community often using this strain as their go-to. A cross between Raspberry Cough and a potent Indica-dominant Black Domina helps you achieve the high that you need with a stimulating effect that people often desire. The THC levels range between 20 to 26 percent, making it known for its potency and creativity (%).

Effects of Blackberry

Mild body relaxational effects that are at their peak help the user feel like they are in an imaginary world. Making it more known for assisting with a centric buzz and allowing you to feel high yet in control simultaneously. Allowing you to feel creative and using it in the daytime will help give you a euphoric high; however, still be in control of your surroundings. Helping you to feel energetic and talkative, with creative thoughts pouring out, can be the most valuable part of taking the BlackBerry strain.

Blueberry Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour

The buds are not dense, unlike many other strains, allowing for a softer appearance. Red, covered with bright hues of purple and white crystals with orange hairs sticking out of the bud, making it different from most. An intoxicating aroma that is earthy and a hint of fruity can be more associated with the fruit it is named after. Fresh berries and a fuel undertone can be the main reason why cannabis users often refer to this as the best strain yet. Inhaling it will be more beneficial due to its taste, fresh berries, and a sweet yet fruity taste, leaving its users wanting more.

 Medical Benefits of Blackberry

  • Helps patients with depression, allowing them to feel free from the world and its woes.
  • Chronic pain can be an issue for most patients. This strain allows you to feel relaxed and at ease, without having any pain-related issues.

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