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Blow Fish (THC 21%)



Product Description

This 70% Indica dominant strain will “Blow” your mind with its 26% THC level. The potency of the Blowfish strain comes primarily from the G13 strain. This strain is often associated with different controversies, some of which is that it was designed by the governments to control the mind of the people in some mystic way. The breeders of this strain have also given us the amazing Chocolate Thai strain. Blowfish is a comprised of G13, Carbon Funk, and Blue Dot hybrids.

Effects of Blowfish

This potent Indica dominant strain is a promising high inducing product that can bring out relaxation and a full-body high. It leaves you with a gradually mounting high that can be felt moments after smoking. With everything settling into the background, and the hustle and bustle of life fading away, Blowfish will definitely blow your mind. All these effects with a sleepy and comfortable serenity and tranquillity make this strain a perfect nightcap. 

Blowfish Appearance, Flavour, and Aroma

The buds of this strain appear olive green in colour with vibrant orange hairs. The flowers are smaller in size and a little unappealing in the overall look. Milky white trichomes become more visible when the nugget is broken apart, which is very easy to do because of the softness of this strain. It has a displeasing pungent flavour, and the acrid smoke can make you cough real hard. But the compensation is done by its sweet tropical citrus aroma. 

Medical uses of Blowfish

  • The anti-inflammatory tendency of this strain is very effective for patients that use medicinal Marijuana as it relieves chronic pains and headaches. 
  • Acute symptoms of stress disorders and enduring stress like depression can also be treated with a balanced dose of Blowfish strain.
  • Those with low THC tolerance can experience paranoia and increased panic. 
  • It also helps with ADHD and other attention or focus related disorders as it makes the smoker very focused on one single activity.


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