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King Kong (Skull Island Here We Come!!)

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Product Description

THC Levels from 16%-22%

King Kong Kush is a cross between Buddha Cheese and White Widow Reversed. 

King Kong Kush, is an especially potent indica-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of 20:80.

The buds, however, are smaller than the name suggests, with a dark green leafy appearance, beautiful amber hairs.

The flavour is earthy with skunk tones, while the smell is strong and pungent. King Kong Kush has a reputation as a powerful medical choice with strong, calming body effects and a euphoric boost of happiness.

King Kong Kush is best used to relieve symptoms of body pains, insomnia, anxiety, lack of appetite, and severe PMS, a true Indica.

It’s not entirely clear where King Kong comes from, though its mother was apparently an Ed Rosenthal Super Bud plant, itself a strong indica-dominant hybrid.

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