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Lowryder (THC 23%)

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Product Description

Lowryder is a hybrid strain having 50 percent (%) Sativa and 50% Indica. It’s a small and potent strain. Lowryder can survive in colder climates that make it an ideal strain to grow in the northern territories, such as Canada and Alaska. This strain came into existence by crossing the two all-time great strains, ‘Northern Lights #2’ and ‘Willy’s Wonder’. Lowryder is one of the smallest hybrid strains out in the marketplace; the strain got bred by ‘Joint Doctor Seeds’. THC content of this strain is about 12 to 20 (%), and its CBD content is 0.1%. The strain takes about six to eight weeks to grow.

Effects of Lowryder

If you want to feel energized after smoking cannabis, Lowryder should be your go-to strain. Lowryder is even very popular among artists and musicians due to its ability to inspire and let one feel highly creative. Once you consume this strain, you will feel relaxed and lightweight. Lowryder can give birth to an unforgettable cerebral high throughout your body that will make you feel very silly. Lowryder is considered a suitable strain for a day owing to its energizing high; however, you can also use it at night if you want to spend a long time with your friend with a long evening out. Some users also claim that this strain makes them feel sleepy because of its relaxing trait.

Lowryder Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour

The Lowryder cannabis plant is tiny in appearance owing to its genetics and nine generations of crossbreeding. Lowryder has a unique aroma that reminds some of its users about Christmas. This strain’s scent is sweet, containing hints of pine; this strain is mouth-watering to one’s senses on account of its aroma. Lowryder is fruity and flavourful. Upon inhale, you will sense the taste of butter. Upon exhale, you will feel the taste of sweet pine.

Medical Benefits of Lowryder 

  • Lowryder is one of the best strains to mitigate pain, therefore, some cannabis users use it to get temporary relief from chronic arthritis, muscular & back pain.
  • If nausea and vomiting are the problems you often face in your life, Lowryder is for you.
  • One of the most noticeable health benefits of Lowryder is that it gets its users to fight stress successfully.

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