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Mr. Big Stuff 5A (1 Hit…2 Hit…. Buzzzed)

From: $55.00

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Product Description

THC Levels From 28% to 35%

Naughty is the New Nice! Santa would rock if he dropped some of this strain in my stocking!

Limited Stock, Unbeatable Prices, Incredible Buzz!!

Mr. Big Stuff is a very rare and new sativa dominant hybrid strain. 

Genetics from CopyCat Genetix and is a cross of (Mac1 x Gary Payton reversal) it’s super dank and hit’s with a nice citrus taste. Creamy, Spicy with a hint of fuel.

Mr. Big Stuff 5A was voted Strain of the Year by I Love Smoke519 Staff!!!

Opening this , your senses will be overwhelmed!! Smells like a huge chunk of prime hash, hints of fuel.      (Leaves your mouth watering) Beautiful dense buds that have fine red hairs bursting though out, little sticky allows for a great roll.

One hit, smooth, creamy tastes of gelato, citrus and earthy. Burns slow and constant.

Two hit, euphoric sensations enter the Cerebrum( your brain) bringing with it a energetic and happy buzz.

Leaving you feeling energetic, happy, defiantly great for day use, won’t leave you couch locked.

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