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OG Kush BC (THC 18%)

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Product Description

OG Kush BC is one of the best and finest strains available in the market today. It is a favourite strain for many and has a THC level, which is as high as 24%. It promises to give a high like no other.
OG Kush BC is a 100% pure Indica strain created by breeders at the infamous BC Bud Depot farm by crossing the insanely popular BC Grapefruit X Kush strains. This dank bud is a two-time winner of the Cannabis Cup for the Best Indica category and is famous for its rich indica heritage stemming from highly potent Afghani indica strains.

OG Kush BC Effects

Users describe the high from OG Kush BC with an extremely potent onset of a euphoric, couch-locked state accompanied by a head rush. Stoners feel amazingly happy and may experience creativity and social insight accompanied by a completely relaxed body. Once you consume it, you can expect a powerful feeling and intense cerebral effects. The strain is one of the most uplifting and most relaxing.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavours of OG Kush BC

The OG Kush BC nugs are olive green and rock-hard, woven with orange hairs, and frosted with glittering crystals and resin. These popcorn shaped nugs have a powerful, pungent smell of skunk and taste creamy and earthy. The bud is dense and a lime green hue, with abundant resin layers. BC OGKush cannabis strain is great for night time usage.

Medical Uses of OG Kush BC

This bud is ideal for treating pain and inflammation due to its cathartic and relaxing effects.

The famous strain also has certain medical benefits. It is consumed for chronic pain as well as medical disorders and is a healing strain. It helps patients with severe and chronic pain. Smoke a minimal amount of BC OG Kush if you feel any chronic pain, stress, or depression. It will relax and numb sores and can handle a mental disorder as well. However, it is essential to know your limits and restrict yourself to it.

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