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THC Levels from 18% to 23%

UK Cheese is known for a variety of reasons including potency, smell and its effects. It can have a smell that is similar to cheese and be known for how potent it is. Originally known as “Exodus Cheese,” its large fluffy buds set is apart from anything before and after it.

A specific phenotype of Skunk #1, cultivated in the early 1990s by a UK collective group, “Exodus.”. Energetic in its ways and has a high potency, with head-banging effects that last long and are more intense. It has the benefits of releasing pain-related issues, and it is more effective than anything else.

Effects of UK Cheese

UK Cheese provides mental relaxation without being too overpowering and being too excessive. It is not sedating and has the right amounts to ensure that the effects are one of a kind. It is known to hit the head first and then the body, with relaxation and tingly feeling rushing throughout the system. Making a sensational high and being a bedtime killer for some users. 

With quick-acting effects and euphoric feels, it is initially leaning towards the more Sativa side of the spectrum. Smokers may feel a change in perception, with altered reality and a difference in the dynamic. Mood tends to be uplifted and has a shift without overpowering and more longer lasting than most strains. 

UK Cheese Appearance, Aromas, and Flavours

It has large fluffy buds that adhere to a shape similar to a cone, it can be one of the most exciting buds in the cannabis community. With loose flowers that spiral off their buds, it can be an exciting formation to watch. 

UK Cheese has a pungent odour that is powerfully tangy and sweet-smelling, and can leave a lingering smell behind. Sometimes being too strong in taste and odour while being a bit sour and having an extremely pungent smell can turn some users off. 

Medical Benefits of Using UK Cheese

UK Cheese is an impeccable strain to fight pain and medical depression. The THC component is responsible for the reduction in pain. Sativa in this strain is responsible for treating mental disorders. What else it can do:

  • Reduces anxiety together with negative thoughts.
  • This strain can help you deal with inflammation and unwanted fatigue

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