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Vanilla Frosting

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Product Description

THC Levels From 20% to 25%

A hybrid with a slightly indica-dominant genetic make-up (65% indica/35% sativa), Vanilla Frosting is created by crossing the well-known Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato BX3 strains.

The name speaks for itself in the flavour category. The flavour of vanilla is distinctive, with rich, subtle floral undertones that balance its sweet, creamy flavour. The fragrance is very similar, even though there are undertones of real herbs and flowers as well.
The Vanilla Frosting high provides a good, calming effect that will excite the mind while calming the body, much like its flavour.
You’ll experience a boost towards the beginning of the high that provides you the mental clarity and contentment you need to tackle creative tasks.
You’re left feeling peaceful!

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