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Product Description

THC Levels from 18% to 22%

With the range between 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, an Indica-dominant strain, Zombie or Zombie OG (Ocean Grown) is well-known for having a high level of potency. Being a cross of Blackberry and OG Kush, with a level of 18 to 22 percent (%) THC, it can be a real favorite amongst the cannabis community.

Zombie Aroma and Effects:

Being a multi-dimensional bud makes it one of the most desirable strains. Aromas such as pine, earth, and lavender can impose a relaxing sensation on you and can tease your taste palate even more. The buds are relatively smaller and are dense; with bright green and orange hairs sticking out.

Zombie has distinct impacts on different people. However, the most noticeable feeling is a couch hard-hitting zombie-like feeling. Zombie OG is one of the most potent strains and can leave you sleepy and drowsy for hours to come. Euphoria can occur in the mind, with your body being catatonic and drowsy.

The benefits are endless; you will get a pain-free life and a peaceful sleep like never before after consuming Zombie. People who suffer from mental health issues will find Zombie OG as a strain full of help for treating conditions, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. In a few words, the quality of life gets improved by Zombie OG.

Why Should You Choose Zombie?

Want to have a peaceful sleep after smoking weed? Then, Zombie OG Kush can achieve what you want. You might even be looking in your stock of weed more often than not, for the relaxation and health benefits that this strain provides. Putting you into a state of relaxation and making your mind open are a few characteristics of Zombie. Smokers or medical marijuana users may search for other effects but having the right strain like Zombie can be beneficial for them in the long run.

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