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Cookie Kush (THC 21%)



Product Description

Recommended by Amsterdam’s Coffee Shop, this strain is decently rich with THC levels of up to 18% or higher. High times Cannabis Cup winner strain that is 70% Indica dominant. A combination of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Rollex OG Kush makes it potent enough to induce a high that will be memorable. Along with high THC levels, the thing that makes its high more enjoyable is the fusion of 3% CBD.

Effects of Cookie Kush

The high of this Indica dominant strain is quite captivating and will give you slow and relaxing tranquillity. The combination of opposites makes it both a relaxing high inducer as well as somewhat energetic feelings. A lethargic high paired with a mellow relaxing feel will make you stuck wherever you are. The lightheadedness feeling comes with this strain as a dominant sensation. Also, laziness takes you by strength and makes you think that you will not be able to lift your legs, but again, the CBD component makes the consumer able to perform something when it is required.

Cookie Kush Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour

The flavour of this Indica dominant strain is intense with the touch of pungency and lime. A Kushy flavour, of course, makes it loveable for the stoners. The colouring of buds of Cookie Kush is Olive green with minty green patches, and the orange hairs and translucent trichomes give it a beautiful appearance overall. The best thing is that the aroma resembles that of the Granny Smith apple.

Medical uses of Cookie Kush

  • The sedating effects of this strain can help people with chronic stress, depression, and bipolar disorders.
  • A good dosage of this strain also helps those suffering from insomnia and irritation as it relaxes the muscle spasms and makes the consumer sleepy with a comfortable vibe.

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