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Product Description

THC Levels From 15% to 26%

Lemon Kush is a perfectly balanced hybrid for the combined feelings lovers. It comes into existence as a cross-breeding product of Master Kush and Lemon Joy. Another variety that is available of this Hybrid strain is said to be a product of Lemon G and Afghan Kush. So, it is quite clear why this strain is known by the name Lemon Kush. Depending on the THC level ranging from 15% to 26% in this strain, it has moderate to high psychoactive tendency.

Lemon Kush Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

In appearance, this strain looks absolutely beautiful like a little island captured in one small, compact nugget. The buds have light green colours with white frost of trichomes. The taste is obviously pungent but also sweet with a citrus flavour. 

Both the available varieties of this strain take one Lemon strain in its breeding, which makes the aroma very much Citrus like, a little pungent and fresh aroma of Lemons. 

Effects of Lemon Kush

Although, the strain is a hybrid but higher THC levels will not let anyone escape the capturing high of Lemon Kush. Once smoked, the sudden feeling of relaxation with a touch of euphoria starts to take over. And with a few more moments, the consumer starts to feel sleepy but also creative. This is what happens when a hybrid with higher THC levels is consumed and this is how amazing this strain makes you feel.

Medical uses of Lemon Kush

  • Lemon Kush typically helps to relieve pains and muscle spasms.
  • The high THC levels in this strain make its consumer relaxed by reducing the anxiety, stress, depression, and other similar disorders. 
  • Lemon Kush is also very effective for those who are going through sleepless nights, as it has a high sedating effect.

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