5 Things to Know Before You Enter A Marijuana Dispensary in London Ontario

Posted on September 11, 2021
Marijuana Dispensary

People are so excited when they are visiting the weed dispensary. They travel very long distances to go to their favourite marijuana dispensary to get their required product. Imagine getting turned away once you reach it, or maybe you didn’t have a good experience when you visited the dispensary. Well, that’s the case with some people because they are not aware of the rules associated with a weed dispensary.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about it. We all lack knowledge when it’s the first time. Once you explore more about cannabis, you’d be called a pro in no time. This article will provide everything you need to know before you enter a marijuana dispensary. We have gathered the most relevant and important things to discuss in this article so you feel confident purchasing cannabis.

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Have a cannabis goal 

When it’s your first time visiting the weed dispensary, you might not know the details about the strain you want to get, which is completely fine. You are not alone. We all have been in that situation at some point in life. However, it would be better to know about the effects you want to feel after consuming cannabis. For instance, you might want to get something to smoke with your friends, so you’d have to consider getting a strain that has an energizing effect. Or, if you are looking for something to calm you down and feel relaxed, you would have to get a different strain. This is one of the ways you can get a good strain on the very first visit. Most weed dispensaries are small businesses run by families, and they try to help their customers out as much as possible.

We understand that you do not have enough knowledge regarding the strains as there are thousands of them. You do not need to worry, though. Some good weed dispensaries will guide you about it, and you can ask questions from them. The budtender will try to figure out the weed for you for that particular situation and mood. For instance, he might ask if you want to smoke weed by your poolside or while attending the concert.

Ask Questions

When you are a newbie, you have a lot of questions in your mind. Let us tell you that budtenders are there to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate at all, even if you think that it’s something stupid. No matter how silly your question is, you should go ahead and ask. Tony Rothman said, “If you ask a stupid question, you may feel stupid; if you don’t ask a stupid question, you remain stupid.” Isn’t that a perfect quote to battle the shyness of asking silly questions?

On the other hand, it would always be better if you researched the strain beforehand. By doing that, you’d come up with some questions. However, if you are not sure about anything, unfortunately, the budtender wouldn’t be available to give you a complete 2 hours lecture. So, it’s always better to have some of the basic knowledge regarding cannabis.

Pay in Cash or through Credit Card

Most of the dispensaries in town do not accept credit cards. That’s why you have to make sure that you keep cash with you. And, let me tell you that you shouldn’t just keep few bucks as buying from the weed dispensary could be expensive depending on the strain you finally choose. The dispensaries do not accept credit cards because the banks are afraid to do business with the weed dispensaries. They still doubt the legality of the weed business and refrain from doing any transactions with a weed dispensary. One of the other reasons is that marijuana is still not legal in some places. However, some of the dispensaries have found techniques to accept the payment through the card from the customer.

Health issues

It is of utmost importance that you always keep it a priority when it comes to your health. We all have heard health is wealth. And, there is no doubt about that. When a person is healthy, then only they can enjoy their life. If you are confused about the side effects of consuming cannabis, then let us tell you that generally, cannabis doesn’t pose any risk to your health, and the side effects are not serious. However, every individual body’s reaction is different. That’s why you have to be aware of any dangerous side effects or health issues you are getting from consuming cannabis, including mental health. For instance, some people suffer from anxiety, so they should let the budtender know about it because some strains could enhance those effects.

No returns

You have to be careful when you purchase from the cannabis store. Newbies are excited about trying out different things, so they often get into buying a lot of things like edibles, vape pens, many different strains and whatnot. Don’t buy everything the budtender shows you. Just get the product you think you can enjoy so that you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse when you get back home.


We have discussed some of the essential things which you should know before you enter the marijuana dispensary. Whenever you want to visit the weed dispensary, make sure that you refer back to this article to have the best experience, even on your first visit. Many people are so excited to go to the weed dispensary and get the products. However, some would not have a good experience because of several reasons. That’s why you have to ensure that you know what to do when you visit the weed dispensary.

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Written by: I Love Smoke

Written by: I Love Smoke

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