Try These Top Shelf Weed Strains in London

Posted on December 8, 2022
try these top shelf weed strains in london

Discover the world of marijuana with a variety of top-notch strains! From classic favourites to more exotic options, there’s something for everyone. With different flavours and effects, you can find what best suits your needs and taste buds – so why not try out one (or all!) of these must-try cannabis experiences?

If you’re looking for the best of the best in marijuana, look no further! Carefully selected varieties are guaranteed to provide top-tier genetics and aroma with unbeatable potency. Curate your own personal cannabis experience today!

Pink Gelato

Pink Gelato is the crème de la crème of cannabis strains, with its tantalizing combination of relaxation and euphoria. It’s no wonder this strain has become a fan favorite for recreational users seeking total bliss – featuring an earthy taste, smooth smoke, upliftinghigh that’ll keep you coming back again and again!

As an indica-dominant hybrid, you can look forward to calming yet productive effects that don’t leave too much downtime if you’re looking to get things done while still gaining the relaxation benefits of cannabis. Pink Gelato is perfect for taking your day off or winding down before bed. No matter the occasion, give yourself the reward you deserve by trying out Pink Gelato!

Bubba Gum

Get ready for a smoking experience unlike any other with Bubba Gum weed strain. A top-shelf flower that delivers an array of different delicious flavours and moods, this balanced high will leave you feeling both energized and relaxed at the same time! Perfect whether you’re using recreationally or medicinally – indulge in something special today.

Despite being relatively new on the market, this strain has quickly gained an excellent reputation with fans of marijuana all around the world. If you’re looking for something unique and enjoyable, contact your desired dispensary and try Bubba Gum today!

Jack Herer

Trying the top-shelf weed strain Jack Herer is sure to be a unique and enjoyable experience. This strain has powerful medical and recreational properties, with its long-lasting effects offering a wide range of benefits for both medical and general end users. Its robust flavour profile provides flavorful aromas, an intense taste of earthy pine, and flavours like that of lemon meringue. The Jack Herer strain is popular amongst cannabis connoisseurs worldwide due to the desirable properties that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an unbeatable high. From the delightful smell to its pleasant taste, this top-shelf weed offers something unique that other strains don’t.

Green Crack

Those looking for an energizing, stimulating high should try the top-shelf weed strain Green Crack. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is renowned for its cerebral effects and is ideally suited for daytime use. Those who enjoy it report feeling alert, mentally focused, and incredibly motivated to tackle their goals. Its flavour profile is equally impressive – expect a subtly sweet taste with solid undertones of citrus. Great for an energizing wake-and-bake or post-work activity alike, Green Crack offers an experience that has earned its place as one of the top weed strains available today.

Violator Kush

For those looking to unlock the full potential of their Marijuana experience, Violator Kush is the answer. This top-shelf strain has all the qualities that a connoisseur could hope for, including a combination of exotic flavour and long-lasting effects that will heighten your senses. Its Indica dominance keeps anxiety at bay while providing an intense body buzz and a calming sensation.

The flavour of Violator Kush is dominated by skunky tones and hints of spice accented with undercurrents of woody and sweet flavours. This unique mix of aromas brings out its subtle yet delightful essence. Ultimately, there is no other strain like Violator Kush – if you want something extraordinary, this cannabis is it!

Purple Candy

Purple Candy is a fantastic weed strain that will surely be a hit for experienced smokers. It’s known for having an impressive list of attributes, including a delightfully fruity aroma with delicate notes of berries and vanilla, as well as its superior potency and ability to deliver long-lasting effects. Its 80/20 Indica-dominant composition makes it ideal for those looking for profoundly calming and soothing effects, which can help reduce stress, ease anxiety and support relaxation.

Treat yourself to the luxurious taste of Purple Candy – a potent and smooth strain that will keep you coming back for more. This delectable cannabis nug promises an unforgettable smoking experience, full of flavor and satisfaction.

Wedding Cake

With the ever-growing world of cannabis and its wide array of available strains, there’s no doubt that something exists to satisfy every consumer. Wedding Cake, a top-shelf strain with a delightful taste and intense aroma, should be at the top of every consumer’s list. Its genetics are derived from two classics, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, which lends itself to a unique flavour profile and a high that helps to boost creative thinking while providing uplifting and calming effects.

Few can resist Wedding Cake due to its unique terpene profile, which includes fruity, nutty, herbal and even earthy undertones. Plus, it has testing anywhere from 18-29% THC, depending on the version you find. If you’re looking for something extraordinary in terms of quality or experience, then Wedding Cake is where your search should end.

Final Words

Looking for a new way to take your smoking experience up a notch? Look no further than London’s online weed dispensary! Our selection of top-tier cannabis strains is sure to amaze even the most experienced smokers. From unique flavours and effects, there truly is something for everyone on our list – you could find yourself stumbling upon your next favourite strain today! So why wait any longer? Come explore this tantalizing collection of exceptional marijuana goodies now! Head to our online weed dispensary in London and pick up some of these excellent strains today!

Written by: I Love Smoke

Written by: I Love Smoke

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