Your Guide to Making Cannabis Joint Filters in Brantford

Posted on November 6, 2021
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It does not matter if you are a novice or a full-blown stoner, knowing to make a perfect joint filter is a valuable skill. Many stoners often worry that a joint filter will make their hits less potent. This is not the case. In reality, the filter makes it easier for you to smoke your joint, and it opens up enough airflow so you can get a perfect high.

This is your guide to making cannabis joint filters in Brantford.

Why Should You Use Joint Filters

Joint filters are an essential part of nearly every stoner’s arsenal. Yet a lot of stoners go without a filter when they roll a joint. If you make a joint filter, it will take some extra time, which is not good if you are in a rush. It adds up effort for your rolling process, but the benefits surpass the extra work.

Joints tips always keep your joint together, and there is nothing worse than having your entire joint crumble while you are taking hits. You can easily avoid mishaps like this by simply adding a joint filter. Your joint needs stability, and that is mainly the reason behind making a perfect joint filter. The filter also makes you able to smoke your entire joint without losing your precious mary jane. You will never have to deal with wasting your marijuana every time you smoke.

If you are worried about the extra time and effort, you can always pre-roll some filters and keep them close by. That way, whenever you are in the mood to smoke, you will already have a filter waiting for you.

What Material Is Essential

First thing first, making a joint filter requires you to have perfect materials. You need chemical-free paper so you can have the ultimate experience. You can easily find a premium quality paper from any smoke shop in Brantford near you. Just make sure you go with all-natural options possible.

Remember! All your smoke will be passed through your filter, so if you use bleached or any other chemical-infused paper, you are putting your life at risk. Even if you are in a rush, your priority should be chemical-free filter paper.

Suppose you can’t make it to a shop, and now you require a joint filter. There are other things you can use besides proper filter paper. You can use the packaging from an old cigarettes carton or use the cardboard that your rolling paper package is made out of. Any cardboard will generally do if you are desperate, but an empty toilet paper roll or box of wheat thins can be a good option. Just remember, use any other option instead of natural filter paper. Your risk of inhaling chemicals is possible.

Pre-Creased Paper or Not?

In any smoke shop in Brantford, you will find two varieties of filter paper, creased and uncreased. The real question is which one to choose? Well, it all depends on your preferences and experience. Many stoners prefer creased paper, but some don’t. If you are a professional stoner and know what you are doing, and uncreased paper is the way to go. The uncreased paper gives you a choice to become creative with your joint filter shape and size.

If you are reading this article, there are possible chances that you don’t know much about rolling joint filters. If that is you, don’t worry because that is the whole reason why we are here to provide you with this information.

It’s Time To Roll! The Basic Roll

  1. Once you got all the material with you. It’s time for you to start the process. You will take fouth of your filters tips and start creasing them, and you have to do it on the first creased part like an accordion fan. Remember the one we all made in elementary and pretended we were queen of the whole classroom. Yeah, exactly like that!
  2. The next step is to take your creased mini fan and start rolling it into actual filter paper. This is the part that will take some patience and concentration, so pay attention! You must make a tiny fold that you can conjure and start rolling the filter to the other side, one towards the accordion fold you made earlier.
  3. Now all you have to do is roll the filter to the opposite side of the paper. Rolling the filter into two different directions ensures that your filter won’t accidentally unroll while you are in the middle of smoking. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Voila! You just rolled the perfect filter for yourself!

Smoke In Style

Now that you have learned how to roll a perfect joint filter. It is time for you to add some creativity and get fancy. Remember that practice makes a man perfect, so before you reach your final result. You might have to try it several times, so be patient. A little experimenting won’t affect anybody.

There are many ways you can get fancy with your joint filter rolling process. There is marijuana leaf design, the anarchy design and many more. You can choose from a variety of them, and they all vary in skill sets and experience. If you are want to venture out into the creative side, we suggest you try your all-time favourite marijuana leaf design.

To make the marijuana leaf design, you have to make seven folds onto your filter paper. Make sure the length of the folds is no longer than the middle and shorter than the end sides. Then follow the basic rolling process that we mentioned earlier.

Final Words

It is a better option to change the design of your filter from time to time. It will keep things interesting while you smoke your joint. It can help you become a valuable member of your friend circle once you master the other design. Remember, practice makes a man perfect, so keep practicing with a little bit of dedication. The better the joint filter, the better your smoking experience becomes.

Written by: I Love Smoke

Written by: I Love Smoke

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