Recently, a solventless extraction process is captivating more and more consumers for both the easiness and low expense of the method and the final product’s quality. We are talking about Hash Rosin. A concentrate that’s attained from separating the resin from the green substance through heat and pressure.


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The Basic Principle of Hash Rosin

The basic principle of this technique is providing the green substance with pressure and heat, so in a few moments, the resin is detached from the buds forming small pinches. As usual, safety comes first, so it is recommended to wear protective gloves during the process to cover the hair straightener with a cloth to protect your hands from burns.

In recent times Rosin Presses have become very much in fashion. They are about metal plates which are heated at a particular temperature, joined with a press that exerts constant pressure. 

Temperature, Pressure, and Ti, we can take out high-quality, terpene-rich extractions with high returns. 

Benefits of Hash Rosin:

Solventless Separations are simple, efficient, and safe, and in high demand. This technique has a lot of key benefits:

  • One of the critical benefits of rosin extraction technology is its clearness. Several professional presses conduct the rosin extraction process, using a mix of heat and pressure to extract oil from cannabis materials. 
  • Solvent-based extracts can be difficult to achieve, with potentially fatal blasts. Rosin extraction, on the other hand, does not include volatile materials, making it much safer.
  • This has been significant to the industry, as this preciseness has encouraged more confidence in the use of medical marijuana.
  • A fantastic range of products can be made on a rosin press — relying on how it is created; hash oil can vary from a “sappy” viscosity to the stable and glass-like solventless shatter.


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