One of the popular Cannabis-infused candies known as Yummies or Yummy has ‘high’ amounts of THC and is made with pure vegan ingredients. As the name suggests, they are delicious and of course “Yummy” in both the taste and its aroma. As you open the pack of these THC rich candies you instantly feel like stuffing your mouth with all of them at once (there are five candies per pack).


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Yummy Flavors, Grammage, and Composition

Yummies Cannabis-Infused Candies come in high doses of THC, one with 250 mg and 420 mg (what a high time for a coincidence that it comes in ‘420’ mg also, when you Google 420, it says “Cannabis”). The composition is such that in a pack of 250mg each of the five candies is 50 mg and in the 420 mg one it is 84mg per candy. These candies are made with 100% vegan and organic ingredients to take care of our environmentally friendly consumers. Also, the THC infused in them is in the pure distilled form to enhance the potent effects of these candies.

The most exciting thing about these Cannabis-infused candies is their extra sour flavors and which also are not limited. There is a total of 10 amazing flavors and all of them are with a sour touch. These extra sour flavors include Sour Cherry, Sour Keys, Sour Pink, and Blue Fizzy, Sour Grape, Sour Watermelon, Sour Cherry Cola, Sour Peach, Sour Blue Raspberry, Sour Candy Worms, and Sour Black Cherry.

Effects and Medical Benefits

The effects that are commonly associated with these candies include gradual but very long-lasting high. Sometimes, newbies take more than the recommended amount of these edibles because of not feeling any effects and that can lead to an overdose resulting in uncontrollable shaking or seizures, increased heart rate, psychedelic effects, etc.

It is also very beneficial for ailments, body pains, headaches, and appetite. Many patients with anxiety and stress disorders are also very much relieved with the advisable doses of these candies.


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