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Concentrates in Brantford

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What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates are gaining in popularity with each passing day. The sticky, crumbly, gooey substances differ in their extraction and processing methods in addition to their taste. The one consistent thing is that they offer a more potent experience than buds.

Various factors, including the solvents used, the equipment used, the temperature and even the timing, can affect the various concentrates available today.

The Beginning of Cannabis Concentrates

Extractors soon realized with advancements in technology and processes what they could glean from flowers as the world of weed rapidly progressed. Why couldn’t the trichomes of the plants be extracted since they contain the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes?

They were able to do so. To isolate the intricate cannabinoids that produce the effects of weed, pioneers in the industry built the most sophisticated machinery and technology. In addition, terpenes that give marijuana its unique odour were isolated to remove impurities and unnecessary plant material. Concentrates are, therefore, at the core of their purity. Smoking can be harsh due to plant materials or contaminants, so hitting concentrates can be more comfortable than smoking.

With processors constantly introducing updated techniques and types of concentrates on the market, concentrates have come a long way. Today, there are various types available on the market. In most cases, however, only a few factors contribute to making certain concentrates ‘different’ from others, regardless of how different the end-product or consistency may be. These factors include:

What type of concentrate you will get will depend on how you extract the cannabinoids and terpenes. Certain processes concentrate on extracting high levels of THC, while others extract the entire spectrum of cannabinoids. Furthermore, some people would like to extract terpenes for a robust and full flavour.

Use of the right kind of flower – Not only will the type of flower impact the concentrated effects, but it will also affect the flavour and potency levels. Concentrates sometimes have similar strains, and you might wonder why. It’s because some plants are genetically predisposed to produce more resinous buds than others. Considering that concentrates are maybe sticky resins made from flowers, these strains are more likely to be potent options for extractors to choose from.

The last step in extracting resinous oil makes the concentrations different from one brand or type to another. It all comes down to the solvent’s type, temperature, speed, and technique or nonsolvent used.

Most Popular Concentrates and Extracts in Brantford

Various types of concentrates are available in the cannabis market, but the following are the most popular ones. The one that suits you depends on your objectives and what you want from them.


‘Shatter’ is named appropriately, as the texture feels like it might shatter. ‘Shatter’ is made from a hydrocarbon extraction that produces a golden, translucent concentrate. Oil is poured into the resin and left to dry to attain its notorious consistency.


This concentrate has the consistency of the butter, so it is appropriately named. Extractors use whipping to achieve this gooey, soft consistency.

Crumble or Honeycomb Wax

In terms of colour, crumble is similar to budder, but it has a unique texture that is crumbly instead of creamy. A high heat process removes the solvent from the oil extracted from the flower. When crumble is agitated, it creates holes that look like honeycombs.


Probably the simplest of all concentrates, kief is made from the trichomes of dried marijuana plants. Kief may be typically considered an extract of lower quality, but it can contain very high concentrations of THC and offer a clean, delicious high. Solvent extracts have made it more challenging to find kief in dispensaries due to their popularity.

Get More Potency With Concentrates in Brantford

When comparing cannabis flowers and concentrates, potency is the most critical factor to consider. Concentrates tend to fall between 50 to 80% THC, while buds range from 10-25% THC. Some exceptional extracts can even surpass 90% THC. Consumers who aren’t experienced may be scared off by those numbers, and for a good reason: dosing gets trickier as potency increases.

Beginners would benefit from a CBD-rich concentrate that’s mildly intoxicating (that’s right, not all concentrates get you high). You might consider starting with hash and tinctures before starting with oils with higher THC levels. If you are new to concentrates or have low tolerance, be sure to start low and work your way up.


Why Are Concentrates Expensive in Brantford?

The price of concentrates may surprise you if you usually purchase bud at your dispensary. You may very well pay the same amount for an eighth of bud as you would for one gram of cannabis concentrate. Although it may seem expensive, it is reasonable considering you get incredibly high after just one hit of this concentrate. As a general rule, a gram of potent concentrate should last the same amount of time as a quarter of a flower. The CBD percentage in concentrates is higher, making them excellent pain relievers.

Should I dab my concentrate in Brantford?

People looking for a robust and clean high can benefit from cannabis concentrates. They are beneficial for those with specific conditions that require more potent doses of cannabis medicine. Concentrates provide pain relief much faster and more efficiently than edibles or flowers. Even with the additional cost of concentrates and special equipment, dabbing is a sure-fire way to achieve a soaring high, primarily if you’re used to smoking flowers.

How can I consume my concentrates in Brantford?

There are various ways you can consume your concentrates and have a more potent and practical experience. For one, you can sprinkle your kief on your joint and smoke it to enhance the effects of the joint. Another method is dabbing, where you put an extract on a nail, heat it, and inhale through a glass piece. Dabbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of consuming concentrates. Ingestible oils are almost the same as edibles, and you can similarly use them. Tinctures are sublingual concentrates, and you can put a drop under your tongue and let it do its work. For hash and oils, you can use a vaporizer. These vaping devices heat the oil to turn it into vapours that you can inhale.