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Product Description

THC Levels From 25%

Kimbo Kush weed strain was named after Kimbo Slice, who was a mixed martial arts fighter and boxer( if you know anything about Kimbo, he defiantly was a heavy hitter).

The high of this Indica-dominated  can also knock out.

This strain is a cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter. This unique cannabis was introduced at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup.

Main Effects of Kimbo Kush Strain:

Kimbo Kush cannabis has extremely high THC levels. In some tests, this percentage exceeds 27%. Therefore, even seasoned smokers should be careful when consuming this kush.

The buzz is slow and can take a while. Consumers initially reported:

  • Head high
  • Increased sensory sensations
  • Time dilation

However, it is mainly a high of the head, which develops into a feeling of happiness. The main thing with a predominance of Indica is the effect on the body. Powerful relaxing effects make you drowsy and chained to the couch. This is a good choice for an evening after a hard day.

The side effects of dry mouth and eyes are nothing more than discomfort.

Also, Kimbo Kush strain can be used medicinally for symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also makes you feel hungry and can fight loss of appetite. Pain relief may also be a major reason for use.

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