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Product Description

Sour Dubble, also known as Sour Dubb aka “Sour Dubb Dawg” aka “Sour Double,” is a hybrid marijuana strain. People all over the world love this strain, hence the many names. Although it has an unknown heritage, it’s like the Batman of the cannabis world. Sour double is incredibly unique, and it is perfect for candy lovers. Sour Dubble produces some serious, intense effects, which can make you calm with a serene mental high, and soon as time passes, it will turn into a body high. It sounds fantastic, but it’s true. It is a potent strain and can help you fight many chronic issues like fatigue and help you eliminate stress.

Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

Aroma: the aroma of Sour Dubble is raw and has sweet, fruity, spicy, diesel-y and aromatic, all simultaneously making you feel like a rock star.

Flavour: The flavour of Sour Double cannot be described in words. You have to try it as soon as possible. But to help you capture the essence, the flavour is more like a bubble gum candy with a hint of diesel underneath. It is so unique that once you try it, the taste remains with you forever.

Appearance: it looks like a piece of candy, with bright green and orange hair.

THC and CBD Content

Sour Dubble strain has pretty high THC levels, which makes it potent enough to carry you in the air while you enjoy couch locking sessions with your friends. CBD levels are pretty low, let’s say around 1%.

Medical Benefits

Sour Dubble strain can be your partner to solve your medical mysteries. Marijuana patients love this strain for so many reasons. They can help you alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and can instantly make you feel happy, giggly.

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