Weed Delivery Kitchener Ghost Train Haze 4A

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Product Description

2014 Cannabis Cup winner Ghost Train Haze is a Sativa strain developed by pairing Ghost OG x Neville’s Wreck. 

 Buds are dense and heavy, thickly layered with a frosty coating of sticky trichomes.

The aroma is pleasantly earthy and pungent, with additional notes of citrus and even a little sweetness in the flavour.

18-22% average THC level delivers a nicely uplifting and energizing effect that is well suited to morning or daytime use.

 You’ll enjoy a happy and euphoric head space and the urge to express yourself creatively, although with maybe a touch of cerebral fogginess. As the mellow sets in, pain melts away and you’re left feeling comfortable and soothed.

 This is a great strain for managing symptoms of stress, depression, pain, and fatigue.

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