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Concentrates in London

Get the most potent high you’ve ever felt with concentrates from our online weed dispensary in London, Ontario.

Why Consume Concentrates from an Online Weed Dispensary in London, Ontario

There are a lot of reasons why you might feel like switching to concentrates from other types of cannabis products. You might be looking for a new way to consume cannabis because you are bored of smoking regular joints, blunts, or spliffs. Everyone needs change now and then. We all get used to one type of consumption and want to move to another, even if for a little while.

You might have built your tolerance to such a level that cannabis strains don’t work for you anymore. When you reach this point, you have to switch to concentrates; otherwise, you’ll consume twice the amount you were previously using. Just think about how many joints you would have to make up for it.

If you are a medical marijuana patient, you might need a more potent dose due to your ailment. Patients who are going through chemotherapy benefit a lot from cannabis. Weed can also help you with depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental issues, as well as physical ailments like pain, nausea, inflammation, and more.

No matter why you want to start using cannabis concentrates in London, Ontario, make sure that you only buy from a reliable online weed dispensary so you always get the best product. We offer a home delivery service at our online weed dispensary, so you don’t have to leave your house. Just visit our website, place your order, and we’ll be at your doorstep. We also offer a same-day delivery service for any urgent need.

What Are  Cannabis Concentrates in London, Ontario?

Cannabis concentrates contain high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in cannabis. They could resemble translucent glass, bricks, honey, or butter and are the most popular ways to consume cannabis. A concentrate is a product formulated and processed to contain only essential ingredients such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and other ingredients.

Humans have been making and using cannabis concentrates for centuries. The best-known and oldest form of concentrate is known as hash. Hash can take many forms, and there are many production methods. But in most cases, the resin is collected from the Trichomes of cannabis plants. The dried material is then pressed together to form a substance known as hash.

Oral usage of hash began between 900 and 1150 AD, originating in Arabia. The word ‘assassin’ may have derived from the Arabic word hashish (hashish user), but there is no concrete evidence for this claim.

Cannabis concentrates come in a wide variety of types. There is a wide range of products available, from hash, kief, phoenix tears, C02 oil, BHO (butane hash oil), wax, shatter, tinctures, edibles, and topical oils to pills.

Cannabis extracts can contain as much as 80% THC. When you take a hit of high-quality concentrate, you can feel the difference compared to regular dried marijuana, which usually has only 15-20% THC. Due to concentrates’ increased potency, they can be beneficial for people who want the positive psychological benefits of cannabis but have a high tolerance to the substance.

Different cannabis concentrates have more practical applications than dry herbs in some instances. A specific application is administering the plant’s various concentrated chemicals orally. Basically, this means that people could take a cannabis capsule free of THC so that the medicine would contain only non-psychoactive chemicals.

How to Use Cannabis Concentrates in London, Ontario?

You can use cannabis concentrates in various ways to get the most out of them. It depends on the type of concentrate you are using. If you are using shatter, you could sprinkle a piece of it in your joint and enjoy an enhanced high.

You could use vaporizers for oils or dry hemp to vape the concentrate.

Dabbing is a popular way to consume concentrates these days. It refers to hitting the concentrate in a single dose with a device designed specifically for dabbing. Dab rigs are pipes or bongs made for dabbing, and they have a glass or titanium nail (or skillet) that you heat with a handheld blowtorch. Using a dabbing tool, you dab a small amount of concentrate on the nail when it is hot enough, and the concentrate forms a vapour instantly. Once inhaled, you are ready to go! If you’re looking for rigs, nails and other accessories, you should check out an online headshop.

Types of Concentrates

There are so many different types of concentrates that it is challenging to keep track of them all. Each type uses a different solvent and extraction method, giving consumers a different experience.

Concentrates can be extracted with ice water, butane hash oil, propane hash oil, and CO2 hash oil extraction. These are some of the different types of cannabis concentrates derived using various extraction processes.

Wax in London, Ontario

To make wax, a solvent is mixed with the plant material and, by providing heat at a low temperature and whipping it, a product similar to whipping cream is formed.

Shatter in London Ontario

Another popular form of concentrate is shatter, which gets its name from its resemblance to brittle glass that breaks upon impact. This is also brittle when forced, and it is composed of CO2 extracted from the atmosphere.

Budder/Batter in London, Ontario

The exact process as the wax is used to make a batter, but with a shorter time to apply heat and whipping. It is called budder because its appearance is similar to butter.

Live Resin in London, Ontario

Despite being a new product on the market, live resin is gaining significant popularity among users due to its remarkable results. The difference between this type and others is that the resin is immediately frozen after production. By doing this, the final product keeps its properties such as potency, aroma, and taste.

Moon rocks in London Ontario

To make Moon Rocks, high-grade flowers are used as a base. Hash oil is then added, followed by kief dust. Moon Rock has the appearance of rock, hence its name. You can use a bong or a pipe to smoke moon rocks.

THC Diamonds/Sugar in London, Ontario

Sugar and diamonds are two of the newer, more popular concentrate products. Their names are derived from sugar and diamond but formulated differently. They take longer to crystallize. A dab rig or vaporizer can be used to consume diamonds or sugar concentrates.


Why are concentrates so expensive in London, Ontario?

The cost of concentrates may surprise you if you usually buy bud at your dispensary. A gram of cannabis concentrate is about the same price as an eighth of bud. One hit of concentrate gets you extremely high so that it may seem expensive, but considering the price, it is not that bad. One gram of good concentrate should last the same amount of time as a quarter of flower, give or take. The high CBD content of concentrates makes them remarkable pain relievers.

Which cannabis concentrate is suitable for me in London, Ontario?

The right concentrate depends on various factors, including the method you want to use to consume the concentrate, your experience with the method and the concentrate, and the THC level of that concentrate.