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Product Description

THC Levels from 15% to 24%

(Blueberry Greenhouse)

An Indica-dominant flavourful strain that is made by crossing Afghani and Sativa Thai and Purple. Being an A-list cannabis strain, it is a fan favourite among the cannabis community. Claiming the high time cannabis-cup 2,000 has become well-known to the public and has made its name for the regular cannabis users. The history dates to the 1970s with rich culture and background, forming a heritage that often people do not know. A THC content ranged between 15 and 24 percent (%), while also being an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa strain.


Effects of Blueberry

Affecting the brain and giving you sometimes mild disorientation, it can be just right if you are in a calm environment around you. Helping to soothe and feel relaxed, Blueberry is known for its properties of making a person feel magical, It can be the main reason why users often flock to this specific strain. A euphoric and elated feeling that slowly builds up, being more potent over time. It erases negativity and has longer-lasting effects than most strains while also numbing the brain, so clear mind and racing thoughts are put to bed.

Blueberry Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour

With an insanely delicious variety, it can have the best buds in the cannabis community. Having grape-shaped olive nugs with bright blue undertones, ranging from a different aspect, can be one of the most beautiful cannabis buds. It smells like it tastes, with various blueberry mixtures that can often be mild to potent with different strains. Vanilla flavours are packed with fruity fragrances and earthy tones to relax and soothe the mind.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry

Anxiety is number one in most patients, so having something relaxing can be an ideal solution. The Blueberry strain helps with that alongside helping with chronic stress and depression.

***Strain Disclaimer***

As Cannabinoids affect each person differently, effects and flavours may vary from person to person. As every person has different genetics, taste buds and will have different reactions to the Cannabinoids and Terpenes.

The product descriptions above are based on our personal experiences with the strain. So remember it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you will have the same experience as stated.

I Love Smoke 519 is in no way responsible if the strain described above doesn’t transport you to the moon, smack you in the face, leave you couch locked or does not do exactly what the description says.

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