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Product Description

A cannabis concentrate is basically the purest form of taking THC into your system. If you have developed some tolerance for your regular strains, a THC concentrate may come in handy. Standard joints cannot match the high you will experience by vaporizing a concentrate. And the best part is, you can also opt for dabbing if you want the maximum high. Major League Extractions is a name that comes to mind when you want the best cannabis vaping experience. These disposable vape pens come in many delicious flavours. They have very high THC content and are not recommended for novice cannabis users. You can also choose from Indica, Sativa, or the Hybrid for a more customized high experience along with so many flavours. If you are longing for the best high that brings in the best of both worlds, a hybrid THC vape pen will be ideal for you.

Effects of Vaping Concentrates

When you choose to vape your cannabis instead of smoking, you have already made a good choice. Vaping is way smoother than smoking, and when it is Major League Extractions’ disposable vape pen, you will love it. The effects of these cannabis concentrates will be rapid. You will get high almost instantly. There is no way you can build a tolerance to the level that you don’t feel that strong buzz from these vape pens.

Flavours of Major League Extractions

There are 15 yummy and delicious flavours available in these Major League Extractions cannabis concentrates. Some of these flavours are very popular such as pineapple express, wedding cake, Bubble Gum Kush, etc. These flavours are bound to give you the same great experience as you get from your favourite flowers.

Side Effects and Medical Benefits

the most common side effects of consuming cannabis concentrate through a vape include dryness of the mouth, redness in the eyes, and dizziness. In case of too much consumption, the user can also become paranoid.

However, these concentrates have some perks. These benefits include the relieving of ailments and body pains. You can also get to enjoy the increased perceptiveness that enhances your focus. You will feel reduced anxiety as a result. They can also work for those who have insomnia.

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