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Chronic MoonRocket 1 Gram Pre Roll- Premium Flower + Honey Oil + Keif

Moonrockets™ are a high quality all bud Fukushima pre-rolled joint soaked with strain specific honey oil and then rolled in high quality golden keifs.

Big, thick, aromatic smoke clouds and a rich and sweet Honey oil plus kief flavour. Yummy!! 

These 1 gram pre-rolls hit different, try one today and enjoy a premium taste, flavour and fantastic slow burn.


Critical Mass ( THC 22% Green House )

From: $60.00$32.00


Zkittlez ( THC 22% Green House )

From: $60.00$32.00


GSC (THC 28% ) New Batch

From: $65.00$52.00

wedding cake strain

Wedding Cake AAA (THC 28%) (New Batch)

From: $80.00$32.00

violator 350x350

Violator Kush AAA (THC 30%) (New Batch)

From: $80.00$40.00


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