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Blue Dream

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Product Description

THC Levels from 17% to 24%

Blue Dream is a potent Cannabis strain that is Sativa dominant. It is also known by the name Azure Haze because of being a cross between the two famous strains, Haze and Blueberry. A lot of information about this strain has been lost or intentionally misplaced for some unknown reasons but what we know about this strain for sure is its dreamy high.

Effects of Blue Dream

You can enjoy the world around you with more focus and perceptiveness after smoking the Blue dream cannabis strain. It starts with a quick cerebral rush and mounts in a cloudy manner over your mind. You will hear all the background noises more clearly, and anything can interest you once you are under the strong buzz of Blue Dream.

Blue Dream Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour

It has elongated and bushy nuggets like buds. It looks absolutely beautiful with all the blue hues and amber accents. The buds also have a great deal of milky white trichomes. You will get to enjoy a long lasting flavour of sweet blueberries on your tongue after smoking this strain. The same sweet aroma of blueberries will set its place in the air for quite a long time as well.

Medical Uses of Blue Dream

  • It helps in increasing cognitive skills, focus, and attention
  • White Widow also helps with ADHD
  • The strain can also increase your appetite

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Dream

Q: What is the origin of the Blue Dream?
A: Blue Dream is originally from Santa Cruz, California.

Q: What is the THC level in Blue Dream?
A: It is a Sativa dominant strain with around 20% THC

Q: Can it be grown indoors?
A: Yes, this strain is easy to grow indoors as well.

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  • Avatar

    Den Jollimore

    Blue Dream?

    This “Blue Dream” that I received has to be some of the most low quality I’ve ever smoked. The Trichomes were pretty non existent. No smell, and no stickiness. I’ve grown Blue Dream CBD that had more kick and better overall quality. Some of the Bubs lacked it’s beautiful Pistils. It’s as if there was even more low quality bubs mixed in with the bag. A different strain? Not worth half what I paid for this :/ Too bad…

    May 14, 2022
    Verified Purchase

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