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THC Levels from 17% to 30%

GG4 is also known by the name Gorilla Glue#4. Its resin rings on the paper and even its stickiness in the hands when held has it named Gorilla GLUE. It is a Sativa Dominant hybrid and very popular for high THC content that can reach up to 30% depending upon the breeding. CBD is though very low at about 0.05 to 0.1% only.

GG4’s Aroma, Taste, and Appearance

It has a long history of cross-breeding and that’s the reason for its multiple parents such as Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Sour Diesel. That is where the aroma belongs as it has a strong gust of Diesel and chocolate when burned. This one has won several awards as well as Sativa dominant strain. Its flavourful yet earthy aroma and the taste are not the only pulling factor but also the high is pretty impressive.

Effects, Side Effects, and Medical Usage of Gorilla Glue#4

Starting with the first drag, it gets right in the brain of the smoker. Its high is slightly different as that of Sativa dominant strains have, giving a full-body chilling buzz and deep relaxing euphoria its unusual for a Sativa dominant strain hybrid. Couch-locking is commonly associated with this strain and so it is recommended for nightly use.

Having a low CBD can only be good for mild headaches and insomnia and not severe ailments and disorders. But the anxiety, stress disorders, and depression can be easily tackled by this Sativa Dominant strain. The usual side-effects involve dryness of the mouth, sleepiness, and some anxiety.

GG4 Yield and Flowering Period

It gives a heavy yield with a short flowering period of 8 weeks. It’s also a dense and compact bud with a sticky feel on the hands. It has orange trichomes with minty leaves. Sometimes the leaves may also appear in a golden hue with light orange hairs.

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