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Product Description

Green Crack AAA, known initially as Cush with a C, gained popularity among the stoners when the stoner king Snoop Dogg called it Green Crack. Snoop Dogg sampled it. He felt that it had nothing but Sativa in it with a highly earthy aroma and flavour. Therefore, the name came into being. This strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid and ranges in THC levels between 17% to 24%. If you are getting it from us, you will get the most delicate terpenes preserved in your favourite Green Crack AAA.

Green Crack AAA Effects

Since the strain is Sativa dominant and has quite a good amount of THC in it, you can expect a head-focused high. A high that will go straight to your mind, and then everything else will cooperate. It is suitable for the daytime since you don’t want anything at night that will keep you awake for hours on end. Green Crack AAA mounts slowly and once the strain is entirely smoked, get ready for some absolute euphoria. You will have heightened perceptiveness along with confidence. You can also feel very focused and stress-free after consuming this strain.

Green Crack’s Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Although it is Sativa dominant, you will find a striking resemblance with Indica like buds when it comes to appearance. It has dense buds with pale green leaves. You can also find slight purplish shades if the plant has been someplace cold at the time of its growth. Then you get to see the beautiful milky white trichomes that suggest an excellent quantity of terpenes and other vital Cannabinoids. It has a powerful and intense earthy aroma and flavour you can feel right when the strain is lit.

Green Crack’s Medical Uses

The strain has helped many people with their anxiety, stress disorders, attention deficit disorders, and in some cases, epilepsy. Green Crack may come in handy when you are stuck with something complex and need a creative angle to solve the problem.

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