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Product Description

THC Levels from 20% to 26%

Sugar Breath is a indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) that was created by crossing the infamous Do-Si-Dos X OG Kush Breath strains. If you’re looking for a superb flavour, you’ve come to the right place. Sugar Breath has everything you’ve ever desired.

The flavour is sweet and spicy, with a vanilla cinnamon cookie in every bite. This baby has a sugary diesel aroma coupled with fragrant florals and a cinnamon vanilla undertone that is quite sweet.

The Sugar Breath high will be equally addictive as the flavour, with long-lasting effects that finish in a deep, sedative couch-lock and calmness of the mind and body.


WOW, this bud is impressive. Solid nuggets that smell super sweet, dense, perfectly dried to roll.  Beautiful green with amber hairs, it also has a beautiful white coating.

Flick of the lighter, one puff, two puff…..Feel the warmth caress the soul.

As an old school smoker, have to say!! DANG!!!! it’s FABULOUS!

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