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Magic Mushrooms in London

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How Does Our Three-Steps Process Works to Order Magic Mushroom Products Online

Here is how our three-step process works to order shroom products online at our dispensary:

Step 1: First, You browse our online marijuana dispensary.

Step 2: Then, You add the products you seek to your cart & hit the check-out.

Step 3: Finally, You make your payment, and we do the rest with delivery after your order confirmation.


Q1. Can Psilocybin Help With Addiction and Depression?

A1. Yes, psilocybin, that is, a compound in psilocybin or magic mushrooms, can help with addiction and anxiety. Besides, research also backs up this benefit of psilocybin.

Q2. How Do Effects from Magic Mushrooms Feel Like?

A2. The effects of magic mushrooms vary from user to user based on age, weight, and other factors. With micro-dosing, you can experience the medicinal benefits of shrooms without getting high. At dosages of 1.75g to 3.50g, you will experience mind-blowing effects with a strong sense of euphoria.